The good, the bad and the MacBook Pro…

16 Jun

FINALLY. A computer that will finally actually do what I ask it to do! Very exciting times and a definite development from my Acer dicktop (i.e. desktop) that took me an hour to update my status on Facebook….

Amazingly I now have all this amazing spare time to fraff about on the internet and to look at pretty things. Work is getting very busy but it doesn’t stop me thinking about the big wide world and what my blog will have to offer.

Last week I was working at Isle of White Festival on a stand for Herbal Essences, we had a free blowdry and styling bar where consumers could come along with their hair wet and use all our kit (hair dryers, straighteners, tongs, hair spray, grips the whole shebang) – what self respecting girl wouldn’t want to have a go on that at a festival? We had a queue of 50 people in the mornings and it went down a storm. We’ll be taking it to many more festivals next year to keep an eye on that!

This week, I’m mainly thinking about a wedding I’ll be attending on Saturday. It’ll be star studded and filled with good friends, banter, EXCELLENT outfits and serious hair. I intend to take a lot of pictures and document every moment. Oh and also I’ll be wearing this FANTASTIC frock by Vivienne of Holloway.

I will be writing on here more often and getting used to this regular blogging malarkey! Watch this space!


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