May the geek times roll…

11 Jul

Had the pleasure of attending London Film and Comicon at the weekend at Earls Court 2. Just walking up to the venue made me feel completely at home amongst the Startroopers, Doctor Whos, Street Fighters and X Men.

London Film and Comicon is run by Showmasters but it isn’t the only large scale comic book convention in the UK, there’s a few others. There’s even category events run by Massive events (Twilight, True Blood, Battlestar Galactica etc) and there’s plenty of other ones like Kapow and MCM .

There was loads to do and plenty of likeminded comic book and graphic novel readers! Cosplay was massively entertaining, watching people of all ages parade around showing off their costumes that they have spent so many hours (and £’s!) on, all were identical to their characters. There were guest signings (Doc Brown from Back to the Future, Karen Gillan from Doctor Who, Lisa Marie from Mars Attacks, Corey Haim (who consequently made me feel sad! He should have stayed young in the 80’s forever!!), Kenny Baker (R2D2!) and plenty of others – and last but by no means least the original Batmobile from the series in the 60’s.

Overall a really fun and cheap day out – will definitely be going next year!


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