The future is Vintage…..

31 Jul

Had a blast at Vintage Festival at the Southbank Centre, Waterloo on Saturday. The festival was running over the whole weekend, but I just showed my face for the Saturday…

It was a great venue for the festival (although the air con definitely wasn’t at it’s best!) and the festival had heaps of fun things for everyone to do. There was a fantastic ‘ballroom’ area with a 40’s big band playing and regular swing dancing sessions with teachers teaching basic steps, upstairs there were was a photoshoot area run by University for the Creative Arts Epsom offering people a chance to have their photo taken by a ‘in training’ fashion photographer, as well as an arts and crafts area where you could make your own beautiful hats, brooches and personalise anything you liked with a vintage touch! There were also as predicted lots of lovely clothes and vintage style items for sale, my favourite being the antique suitcases with various beautiful designs on them.

There were bands on every floor, lots of sumptuous outfits and a museum area downstairs ( to scurry to if the heat got to much, with some great 50’s antique furniture and a replica ‘rave room’!!

All in all it was a lovely day (especially the free Haagen Dazs! Perfect!) and would recommend it, although the tickets were a little overpriced. x


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