Want some wedding planning advice? Just ask!

15 Aug

I am a BIG wedding fan. I love organising, attending and looking at the wonderful design and décor that other Event Managers have put together. So far this year (and every year that goes by!) there’s been a huge development in wedding trends and design – ranging from the 2011 sought-after ‘vintage’ inspired wedding, to something totally new and different (like circus, Hello Kitty, even zombie themed!) weddings!

Everyone loves a ‘classic’ wedding though. They’re chic, easily achievable and can be done well with a small or huge budget. There’s heaps you can do to save budget to make your wedding look fantastic nowadays.

Although I love looking at what can be done to maximise budget at weddings, I would like to have an opportunity to manage more of them. When I was living in Sweden last year I posted an advert on Sweden’s answer to Gumtree offering my Event Management services for free to get some experience and ended up being interviewed for a blog when someone saw it! The blog got me loads of attention, and if there’s anything I learnt about Sweden folk – they don’t like to spend a lot of money on their weddings, so I got a lot of emails asking for help and advice. Here’s the blog post if anyone is interested! Help I’m getting married in Sweden!

 Anywho, the point of this post was to offer my help and advice (whether it’s a classic wedding you want or one with a little pizzazz!) for anyone who’s looking for it. If you’re interested in getting some money savings tips, or looking for someone to help at your wedding (for a very small fee!) I’d be happy to help. Email me on christiannebeck@hotmail.co.uk


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