Off to the grid for a volovant….

16 Aug

Those who know me are aware I LOVE a good fancy dress party. I’m never one to just sling an outfit together last minute, I’ll always prepare weeks in advance and think of something outrageous to wear. Last weekend my housemates and I went to a TRON themed birthday party and our outfits were easily the best in the room. We’d spent ages putting them together (myself having spent a few hours sewing my LED lights to my PVC cat suit!) and a few extra hours trawling through photos of the characters for the right makeup and hair. All the work paid off and I won best costume!

The food was great, company excellent and loved everyone’s effort on costumes. Unusual theme too which was great fun!

There are so many great themes that can be done for parties nowadays, a few of my recent favourites have been Madmen, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Colour Swap (where everyone arrives wearing different colours and everyone must leave wearing all one colour) and ‘letter’ parties (everyone come dress as something beginning with the letter D for example). There are so many – but I’m a big fan of the weird and wonderful. If you’ve done a great theme I’d love to hear about it!


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