Westfield Stratford launches soon!

16 Aug

Am getting excited about the grand opening of Westfield Stratford! It looks like it’s going to be massively beneficial for the development of East London (which it certainly needs, especially after recent fiascos…), and I do love me a jolly good shopping centre!

The Olympics 2012 is going to have a massive impact on London and the Events industry. Already with Westfield springing up from the ground and the international, overground and underground connections bringing more people closer to that part of London, the Olympics can only have a positive impact. With huge brand partners like P&G, Samsung, VISA, Coca Cola and loads more, there’s likely to be a heck of a lot of Experiential activity over the course of those 8 weeks next year!

Westfield White City is one of my favourite places to mill about for the day. The Village is where all my dreams of becoming a fashionista began to blossom (but then I opened my wallet and all that I could pull out were moths balls and receipts….), especially Ted Baker….mmmmm….. Ted Baker…..

But site space for events in Westfield Shopping Centres is notoriously expensive. Although the demographic is specific and high end, it’s a huge cost for space within the centre. All those Ted Baker Village consumers are expensive to penetrate!

Anywho, loved this futuristic video introducing the centre. Roll on their launch date Tuesday 13th September 2011 and roll on 2012!


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