I’ll have two hair cuts, three teeth whitening sessions and a wedding please…

19 Aug

Groupon is one of my greatest indulgences. I’m signed up to all the London emails and Brighton, which results in me buying something at least once a week… is there anyone in London that isn’t signed up to it? If not then don’t… I mean do… well, do if you like spending your money impulsively on things you really don’t need but feel you HAVE to buy because you’d pay loads more for it on any other day of the week….

The best of my purchases was an Army Bootcamp deal, where they’ve provided a diet plan and 8 exercise sessions for £35 – great deal! I’ve lost quite a bit of weight from it, but everything on this bloody menu is getting so boring now than a freakin oatcake is a treat. I’ve bought a load of cheap Lomography film, haircuts and even a personalised photobook which I purchased ages ago and have yet to use (surprise surprise….)

Anyway, I digress… I’ve noticed that Groupon have started promoting package weddings. I’m not really sure how I feel about this, as on one hand that’s a brilliant option for anyone on a really strict budget, that just wants a wedding and isn’t fussed about making it massively personalised, but also I’m certain that the menu would be very limited and not of great quality and the general ambience would be restrictive. Plus, I’m sure there’ll be heaps of hidden costs along the way…

 I’d always recommend hiring an Event Manager (obviously!) as they’ll have the knowledge and experience to get the best deals (using negotiation and regular use discounts) along with the ability to manage your event exactly how you want it!


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