Photos all over the shop

24 Aug

Have recently been delving into the world of Photoshop and am getting a little frustrated that I’m not absolutely perfect at it just yet. Am planning on taking a course so I can design invitations, place cards, thank you cards, alter photos etc. as you can only get so far teaching yourself! I want to be able to offer a whole package as an Event Manager – one day!!

My aim is to get to the stage where I can design a beautiful invitation – the book which inspired me to do so being this one, Design for Special Events: 500 of the Best Logos, Invitations, and Graphics by Top Design. I bought it a few months back and I’m infatuated by all the beautiful design and innovative layouts that it’s logged. Fab coffee table book (although mine is next to my bed most days for a little peruse every night!).

In other news, I’m working on some fantastic projects at the moment including P&G, BBC (they just keep coming back!) and Disney. They’re such fun activities to work on (especially Disney!) and am proud to be a part of their team. Have also got some work coming up where I’ll be working on a special event in Milan and I’ll be spending some time out there soaking up some culture.

Oh and went out at the weekend and Theresa took some lovely pictures of me for my new website (which will be live soon promise!), she’s new at the photography malarkey but the shots are ace! Here’s a little taster 🙂


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