No rest for the ambitious…

17 Sep

The last week has been a whirlwind. Have officially gone freelance now, and am working with 2 different companies on different international events projects, along with the usual day-to-day running of Pod.

I’m working with INCA Productions on a special event in Milan. It’s a very high-end plush project in the city centre, a lot of logistics and planning involved but looking forward to event day in October!

Also got the chance to see some of the other projects INCA work on, including Toni and Guy VIP event at London Fashion Week , which hit the papers this week as the first official event of LFW, along with attendees including Naomi Campbell and Olivia Palmero! All very exiting and was great to kick off LFW with a bang and see how INCA run these beautiful, stylish events without a hitch.

Have also seen some of the results from last week’s photo shoot for The Big Mac’s blog, which are absolutely stunning.  That dazzling vintage Givenchy necklace was provided along with lots of other lovely items by Palette and those lovely Louboutins were provided by Gia at Decadent Green – was a lovely afternoon with friends, dresses and shoes!!

Off today for a well deserved romp around Borough Market with some old friends after a busy week. Have a lovely weekend!


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