The nature of the beast…

5 Oct

I hoped it would never be any more than a week in between my scribbles but life has been hectic. Work and sleep. And frustratingly, whenever I do actually get the chance to go outside, I’ve been getting into the nasty habit of forgetting my camera so I’m just having to find photos taken by others of the lovely things I’ve been up to.

Am working on an event for INCA Productions on a project on Milan. Have been involved in all the production details and loving it. Am really enjoying being in such a passionate environment for large scale event production and also a secret obsession I have for fashion. Am totally ‘fashionated’ (new favourite word) by catwalk shows now and cannot stop watching the Spring/Summer 2012 shows by Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Have a look at these vids for some top notch event design and production!

Spent last Saturday enjoying the freakishly hot October we’re having by playing with my niece in her paddling pool, and Sunday by going down to Ham Jam at The Ham in Shoreham-by-Sea, a locally run skateboarding bonanza. Working with Ocean Sports, they put on a regular skate competition, a raffle and a few stalls – one of which displaying some old vintage skateboards from the 70’s with a timeline of how boards have evolved. The weather was beauty and it got kids and adults getting outdoors and active.

Great idea! I miss skateboarding – but I’ll certainly miss that sunshine more!


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