This is halloween, this is halloween…

25 Oct

My favourite holiday of the year is on the way….. Halloween of course!

Each year I spend a lot of time piecing my outfit together, and most years sees me throwing some sort of party or celebration for an excuse to invite my friends to get dressed up to the nines, and of course throw a party!!

This year we’re hosting a little event at this quaint place in Central London . We wanted to find a venue with some serious personality and this certainly has that! It’s run by the lovely Patricia, an ex dominatrix that sips on green tea and is generally massively elegant and endearing.

Our theme is horror movie characters, a nice easy theme that both guys and girls can get excited about. I’ve decided to go for something simple yet effective – Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her…. The venue is a perfect photo back drop so expect to see some brilliant footage.

In other news, have lots of meetings with lots of people about various new projects that I’m getting excited about. Although I’m finished at INCA now, I met some fantastic people all so amazingly passionate about their jobs but sound peeps to boot. Allyson, Paloma, Ian, Emily, Lauren and Allison I will miss you until the next project comes along 🙂


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