Your Guide London

14 Nov

What do you get if you cross my love of events with my other love of London culture and history?

Your Guide London.

When I was on my way back from Dan’s wedding a few months back I was glancing out of the stinky bus window thinking that I’ve not heard of a company in London that can offer bespoke tour guide and concierge services to tourists in London – someone that you can contact if you’re coming over to a city for a few days and want to see the things you’re interested in, be taken around in style and have someone with you that you can trust knows the place and will recommend excellent places for you to go – making the most of your time (and money) in that city.

Whilst I thought I would have LOVED for someone to be taking me to the airport in a lovely car whilst explaining what the scenery was, and not on that stinking Spanish bus, I thought this could potentially be an idea to research when I got back home.

When I got back I looked for companies like this and didn’t find much. Just a few Big Bus tour guide companies, or history nerds you can meet at the Tower of London for the full low down.

Blog readers, meet Your Guide London .

My aim is to offer business people, tourists, hen/stag parties, or even nationals that don’t know the place that well the opportunity for a local that knows their way around to devise a journey plan for them, based on their interests, passions, loves etc. I can take them to special events, parties, museums, attractions, restaurants and more.

Very excited about where this is going to take me (no pun intended), already got plans confirmed so let the good times roll!!



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