I feel like Rhythm…

23 Nov

Was treated to a feast of music, clothes, make up and friends last weekend whilst down in the beautiful seaside town of Rye for the fabulous Rockabilly/Doo Wop festival – Rhythm Riot!

The festival is held in Pontins Holiday Park in Camber Sands just outside of the lovely Medieval town of Rye. It was actually quite a nice little place to hold an event like this. I’ve been to quite a few Rockabilly festivals in my time and it was quite a smart way of doing it. You could rent out apartments which held up to 9 people, but we went for a sensible 4 to share a 3 bed place! The centre had 2 main halls – in one they had a large stage for bands and a record hop, and in the other a dance floor for those jivers to show their stuff!

The line up was sensational, especially the amazing Lil’ Mo and the Dynaflos who are good friends of ours, they played at Screamin Festival a few years ago and they were brilliant and I can honestly say they totally smashed it this year, I would say winning best show of the weekend!

After convincing good friend Christine to come along, we shacked up in our bunk bedded room and enjoyed 2p machines (I got a little addicted…), hilarious hot dogs, looking through all the fantastic vintage clothes for sale (keep thinking about a jacket that I didn’t buy which means I should have bought it!!!), The Bobbettes, the sweet shop in Rye, make up lessons, riding in vintage buses, learning to jive and discovering JD McPherson!

Great times were had hanging out with all my overseas chumps and dancing away to some awesome music. 10/10!

Next stop Screamin Festival 2012!!!




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