Sleep when you’re dead…..

12 Dec

Goodness! What a crazy few weeks! Again, I must apologise for the lack of entries recently, but needless to say it hasn’t been without reason.

I’ve been working on a number of projects that been time consuming, stressful but amazingly fun. All part of the nature that is the events beast.

So I’ve already blogged about my recent business venture Your Guide London. It’s had amazing response and I’ve spent the last few days trying to market it properly. My market is international which I have never had the experience of marketing to before so it’s rather complicated and could involve endless marketing everywhere! Therefore I’ve set my goals on SEO and Adwords. A marketing tool that any event freelancer, or business for that matter should have an excellent knowledge of.

Any, not wanting to bore you with the details I completed an exciting job with a Korean/American family over from LA where we visited 5 cities in 4 days – driving over 450 miles in the process! The tour was incredible and I got to show them round some fantastic places, all rich with English culture 🙂

I’m also running a referrals reward, so if you know of anyone that would be interested in this type of service, then there’s a finders fee in it for the referrer! Just get in touch 

As soon as I got back from working on a Your Guide London job I moved straight onto a fantastic job for Microsoft at the Jingle Bell Ball O2 concert. Brilliant concept, and it worked like a charm. We had elves manning trees covered in laptops offering demonstrations, whilst some of the laptops were hooked up to MSN where we had more elves in ‘laptopland’ using live web chat. Consumers could speak via webcams to the elves in laptopland, enter a competition etc.

Then last but by no means least my best friend Dan hits the big 29 next week so his wife and I arranged him a secret surprise party. Although she did most of the hard work, we teamed up and it was an excellent evening.

I’ve also just started to realise it’s Christmas soon. There’s nothing I love more than spending quality time with my friends and family, as well as thinking about what’s been achieved over the year and how the next one will fare!

I hope all you readers are having a great run up to Christmas. If anyone needs any help or advice on a Christmas party then by all means get in touch! 



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