Mele Kalikimaka!

16 Dec

Aaahhhhh, finally some time off to breathe! Feeling exceptionally Christmassy now, having some much needed time off and reflection time in preparation for my next projects. Days have been spent shopping, meeting up with friends and eating/drinking – obviously alongside thinking through next steps 🙂

So this week I’m attending a wonderful Christmas extravaganza hosted by the wonderful Milly Cundall. Milly is an amazing chef/cook/baker so I’m looking forward to getting my gums round some delicious treats. She has been creating some online vids for ID Magazine with recipes for Christmas, check them out here and here

Also have been perving over London Super Comicbook Convention which is to be hold in February at the Excel Centre. It’ll be Stan Lee’s first UK convention appearance in 40 years so it’s a pretty special event!! I’ll be there, probably dressed up and ready to geek out.

There’s a few options on the horizon in January for work, watch this space for news and updates!

Merry Christmas readers! xx

p.s. in case you were wondering Mele Kalikimaka is ‘Merry Christmas’ in Hawaiian. One day I’ll live there….. oh yes…

p.p.s here’s some Christmassy cute animals. CUTE!


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