Happy Christmas/New Year/Birthday!

8 Jan

So amongst planning various activities for Christmas and New Years, I’ve also found out recently I’m having to move out of my humble abode so hence the lack of writing for a while. It’s been a pretty crazy time trying to work out a plan, however I’ve MADE the time to go to some lovely little gatherings…

Christmas sees me every single year going to Winter Wonderland; a fantastic Christmas event in Hyde Park London that I would recommend to every single person on the planet. If you’re not feeling Christmassy. Go. It’s a mixture of Christmas foods from all round the world, a variety of mulled ciders and wines, along with entertainment to the max. Definitely worth trawling through at least 10,000 people – even at 4pm on a Wednesday!

After Winter Wonderland I went to see my family down in Brighton and caught up with all my old friends that I miss so dearly. We celebrated in Christmas party style starting early and finishing late. Christmas Day was spent between my family and my good friends Caitlin and Dan – with a lovely Christmas lunch cooked up by mumma Lock.

New Years seemed to whizz by, but decided to go somewhere different rather than the ultra expensive London we ventured up to Manchester to Mr Scruff’s New Years extravaganza at Band on the Wall, then a few house parties. I fell in love with Manchester quite a lot – especially the Northern Quarter. Mr Scruff’s Tea Room, The Arndale Centre and mulitple cafe/bars like Blu, Trof and The Castle all contributed to one of the best New Years ever!

And last but by no means least it was my 28th birthday on Thursday 🙂 Each year I relive the same experience in London, visiting Tuk Tuk (my favourite Thai place in London) and then The Ship in Soho. Had a fabulous night indeed but the best is yet to come. I’m also throwing a low key party with my nearest and dearest next weekend. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt as an Event Manager it’s not to organise anything too extensive for your own birthday event otherwise you don’t get to spend any time with your guests! I’ve booked a room at The Market Tavern Mayfair and then we’re heading to Madamme Jo Jo’s.

So if there’s one thing I’ve noticed from this blog post it’s that it looks like I’ve spent the last month partying!! I can promise you it’s been a keen mixture of enjoying the Christmas season and planning next steps. And let’s just say Manchester was rather eye catching……

Merry Christmas and New Years readers! More updates soon xx


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