Planning your big day? Try Big Day!

16 Feb

My friend Becky has recently developed a new iPhone app that I think is IDEAL for every bride to be and will help massively in the planning process of a wedding.

If you’re looking for a wedding organiser this is just the ticket! It’s called Big Day and has loads of amazing features that’ll make planning your wedding a breeze!

Big Day has a built in calendar that you can assign tasks to, making sure you never miss a deadline! They give you a list of pre-entered tasks too, just in case you aren’t too sure of all the kafuffle involved in planning a wedding

They also give you 50 suggestions of items you’ll need to consider, AND it helps you design and email out invites – with a Google map link of course! They give you a selection of themes too so you can make it look just how you want, including the ability to upload photos from your phone (if you have a sickeningly sweet couple photo of course….).

You can save the invite as an image and MMS it to your friends – what a fantastic idea!

If only I had a potential husband I could try it out…… *sigh* maybe I’ll just have a spinster celebration party instead…..

Ahem. Anyway, you can buy it off the iStore here, and here’s their website for a little demo. Not bad for 69p!!


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