22 Feb

This website and all the lovely bespoke cutting they do. Acrylic especially is such a diverse material that if you have some creative imagination and flair you can get something really unique, colourful and incredible put together by these guys.

The Brits stage. The performances were awful but the production was incredible. At first when Coldplay came on I was sat there wondering why they hadn’t done anything creative, then BAM! All the pyrotechnics went off and I have to say I was super impressed with Rihanna’s stage show (glass cubes with dancers throwing paint around – GENIUS).

Lastly, I want an iBar. They look awesome at events but I cannot find any suppliers in the UK now. If anyone knows where I can hire out these bad boys I will put one on every event I possibly can!!!! In case you don’t know what they are they’re an interactive table top that react when you place your glass onto a touch screen. You can create wicked animations that connect up all the glasses on the screen. Amazing.

That’s it for now, but looking forward to London Super Comic Convention this Saturday! x


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