Being a geek is cool!

4 Mar

Loved it last weekend at London Super Comic Convention at ExCel, felt immediately at home amongst Stan Lee, 2 identical Lokis, all the Wolverines (including my very own convention buddy Dan) and a plethora of ladies dressed to the nines in amazing other comic character costumes!

Attendees had made a huge effort to dress up for this event, and the array of comics, graphic novels and memorablila was intense. The overall vibe just from knowing Stan Lee was merely a few metres away the whole time was enough for the whole room to have a buzz that lasted all day!

I’m a huge fan of comic conventions and there were some very exciting announcements in the panel area (Doctor Who and Star Trek mash up comic on the way from IDW!), but overall I’m not sure ExCel was a great venue, one half of the room was very cramped and the other half super spacious and there was no cafe/bar/chill out area inside.

It was a great day though and despite it being crazy busy (and a lot more girls have started attending these things nowadays which is very very nice to see!!) I ended up spending a fortune on Walking Dead graphic novels and drooling over all the vintage limited edition Marvel collection.

Being a geek is totally cool x


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