Juicy Couture’s Fifi Lapin Masquerade Ball

10 Mar

Had the pleasure of being invited to Juicy Couture’s Fifi Lapin Masquerade Ball at their Mayfair store on Wednesday night. I’ve been a fan of their jewellery, clothes, perfume and handbags for a while now so it was a real treat to get a look at their new collection!

The interior of their store is already beautiful so it didn’t take much to make it a pretty little event. They added some really nice touches too like a photo booth (you can get these very reasonably priced nowadays from places like Megabooth – their taxi’s are AWESOME, and The Mighty Booth have some great ones too), some great battery operated up lighters (I’ve used White Light in the past for these – they’re ideal if you’re lighting old building or places without many power points!), very sexy butlers and plenty of champagne, cocktails and cupcakes!

Everyone got a lovely little take home goodie bag too which had a bottle of their Viva La Juicy perfume (LOVE IT AND HAVEN’T STOPPED WEARING IT SINCE) and a 20% off voucher for purchases. I’ve got my eye on that bikini!!!

Thanks Juicy for having me and love the new collection!! xx


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