Keep calm and party on.

23 Mar

Have been putting together ideas and suggestions for a lot of summery, outdoor parties this week, which has slotted in perfectly with this incredible weather! Am feeling ready for the spring and summer, so much so I think I may have been cracking out the floral dresses perhaps a few weeks (ok months) early….

A lot of this week’s inspiration has been the traditional British street party. Trestle tables, bowler hats, gingham, fresh garden flowers and bunting. The thought of all that together makes me so happy…. Especially when you mix it in with a peppering of vintage décor!

So, here are my tips on how to put together a great British street party, low cost and high impact!

  • Trestle tables from furniture hire companies cost buttons. Around £6 a table for the day so very very cheap! If you have your own tables, then great – even a wallpaper table will do!
  • Plain white table cloths and a table runner give a lovely vintage look. Red or red and white gingham look fabulous. Depending on your colour scheme use a bold colour for the runner. You can get cheap strips of material from fabric shops – runners made up tend to be quite pricey.
  • Décor…. Well where do I start? You can go as out there or as simple as you like! My favourites are fresh garden flowers in jars (I love mixing it up with different clusters of different flowers in each jar, mix up roses, carnations, gerberas, germinis and freesias) boiled sweets, bowler hats, windmills, party poppers, crowns, lollies, balloons, bunting (and lots of it!), flags, posters, old photos…. I could go on! For when it begins to get dark pop some battery operated tea lights into jam jars. Safe, cheap and beautiful! If you’re going full on British themed then obviously stick to red white and blue!!
  • Vintage crockery! Lots of it! And the more you mix and match colours and styles the better. Or if you’re going for a disposable option then Talking Tables make brilliant vintage style partyware and have made a special edition Street Party range!!
  • If I was throwing one of these, all you would see is classic British party food. Fairy cakes, sausage rolls, cucumber sandwiches, pineapple and cheese sticks, twiglets, scones, volovants, crudités, salad, chicken and not forgetting my favourite….. Party Rings! But some people don’t have the taste pallet of a 12 year old, so you could go with a Hog Roast, or BBQ, or even a classic English dish like bangers and mash, or Shepherds Pie. Of course there must be plenty of tea on tap and lots of lovely teacups! you could even serve desserts in the tea cups too.
  • Pass the parcel or musical chairs ring any bells?? Would love to play that again!!! Or perhaps a nice British quiz to test everyone on their knowledge like this one from Talking Tables! 
  • Extra bits and bobs you can add in, like Ideas Box have a BEAUTIFUL Pimms tricycle (I’ve been in love ever since I saw it. I suggest it for every single event I pitch for now. 500 person conference? Pimms Tricycle!!!), you could have a fish and chip van or even ice cream van serving unlimited Mr Whippys! – very affordable!

 If you’ve got any more ideas I’d love to hear them! Roll on the Olympics and roll on the Queens Jubilee!! This is our year Britain!! x


One Response to “Keep calm and party on.”

  1. phoenix rising from the ashes March 24, 2012 at 9:54 am #

    I think u should throw a street party…..i’d come!

    Also, best place for vintage style mismatched crockery is a charity shop….they often have lots and tis cheap! X

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