The O2 Arena

29 Apr

Having lived in London for over 6 years now, I officially consider myself a Londoner. And along with the other 8.2 million other Londoners I tend to take the outstanding buildings in London for granted and find I rarely ever visit any tourist sites at all!

Well, tonight that’s going to change. My friend Allyson and I are going to the O2 Arena (formerly known as the Millennium Dome) to see some live music. The O2 arena is one of London’s most recognisable modern buildings and its vast size makes it an incredible experience.

The main arena has a capacity of an amazing 20,000, and has housed many great musicians/stage shows. When you’re inside it feels like a small town! The buildings on the Entertainment Avenue include a music club known as indigO2 (where I’ve seen greats such as Kevin Smith do a Q&A), an exhibition space known as The O2 bubble, a cinema managed by Cineworld and 25 bars and restaurants!

I’m always amazed by the size and facilities at this venue. For such a large space it’s very well managed and offers lots of activities for everyone, including in the winter months, a huge ice skating rink!

Here’s some incredible facts about the O2! Can’t wait to get there tonight and have a wander about.

  • The O2 has an overall diameter of 365 metres, an internal diameter of 320 metres, a circumference of a kilometre and is 50 metres high at its central point
  • The twelve steel masts are 100 metres high
  • If you turned The O2 upside down, it would take Niagara Falls 15 minutes to fill it
  • Alternatively, you could fill it with 3.8 billion pints of beer or the contents of 1100 olympic-sized swimming pools
  • The volume of The O2 is equal to thirteen Albert Halls ten St Paul’s Cathedrals or two old Wembley Stadiums
  • 18,000 double-decker buses could fit into The O2
  • The O2 is as high as Nelson’s Column
  • The Eiffel Tower could fit inside The O2 lying on its side
  • 12 football pitches or 72 tennis courts could fit in The O2
  • Entertainment Avenue is the same length & breadth as New Bond Street

One Response to “The O2 Arena”

  1. The Big Mac April 29, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    I went to see the Spice Girls there and Batman Live it was excellento! Viva La Spice Girls! xxx Love the post Klisher. x

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