Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

10 Jun

I seem to always start my posts by apologising for the space in between each one I write. So how about I just start skipping that and I’ll just assume you know I’m sorry….

Work has been chaos (as usual) but as always in a good way. Have been working on some very exciting events mainly for make up brands with iD Experiential, and as the live date gets closer I’m looking forward to posting a case study more and more as they’re ones I’m incredibly proud of.

So all my English readers (and most likely most of the international ones!) will know it was our Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee last weekend/this Monday&Tuesday. It was a great long weekend for the country and there were some incredible festivities happening all over the UK – especially London.

Lots of people flooded to the banks of the River Thames to watch the Royals float down on a gorgeous boat. I, however, was working for most of the weekend but managed to make it to a FABULOUS Jubilee celebration held by my friend and mentor Allyson Higgins-Halfpenny a fellow Event Producer (and one I aspire to be like everyday!).

Allyson put in a glorious amount of effort, and snuck in some delicious American delicacies as well (devilled eggs and grandma’s potato salad featured!). The spread and decor was incredible. There were sausage rolls, mini toad in the holes, cupcakes, cucumber sandwiches, cheese straws, mozzarella sticks, burgers, chicken wings, pizza rolls, brownies, battenburg, vegetable kebabs, hot dogs, PIMMS cocktails I really could go on and on….. there was so much amazing food I got confused and didn’t even know where to begin.

Allyson pulled off an outstanding party! Had such a great time and I don’t even think these photos do it justice…. Thanks so much Allyson! x


2 Responses to “Diamond Jubilee Celebrations”

  1. The Exhibition List June 14, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

    Good day Cbizzle, I’m just letting you know I nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award. It’s just a bit of fun and to let you know I care ☺ Have a wonderful weekend, Theresa

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