Adding something special….

19 Jul

When I’m putting together proposals for events, especially for private clients, I always get asked if I have preferred suppliers for specific things, or if I know of anything cool and quirky that would add something really exciting and special to an event.

Of course I work with and recommend fantastic suppliers that offer awesome and bespoke services. This year especially I’ve frequently been getting asked for suggestions to enhance and vintage inspired events (right up street!!), or something to add something really cool for a huge gig or stadium event. So here’s a few people that I would highly recommend for bespoke/innovative services!


RED make REALLY cute, pretty, bespoke wedding stationery. Ruth designs everything herself and works closely with a couple or client to develop a design that suits them and their personality. Her designs are not only original, but they’re very well presented and outside the box. She can provide everything when it comes to stationery, and has provided previous clients with a wedding ‘pack’ so that everything matches! She can produce bespoke invitations, RSVPs, directions, accommodation cards, save the date cards, bridesmaid cards, order of service booklets, table décor (I LOVE her 3D butterflies for champagne glasses!), menus, table names, table plan, a wedding postbox and thank you cards. Visit her website for examples of her designs – you’ll see why I love her work, she has a beautiful hint of vintage elegance in her designs!

Ruth also works with designer Little H who hand crafts gorgeous fabric flower accessories. If you have a particular colour scheme you’re following, you can have these flowers made in your exact pantone for any purpose you want! Helen makes hair clips, headbands (lovely for flower girls!), corsages, favour bags, rings, hair grips, brooches – the lot! I LOVE that the centre of the flower is made with a button of your choice too! Lovely touch!


You may have seen in the past I’ve written about the fabulous PIMMS tricycle that Ideas Box provide. I love that trike. I want it. BUT Ideas Box have an amazing selection of tricycles that serve various types of food/snacks/treats perfect for a party, wedding or special occasion! Although my favourite is definitely the PIMMS trike (in case you didn’t already work that out…..) they have a selection of other amazing trikes too!

  • The Candy Floss trike (oh no, not just regular ‘pink’ flavour either; you can get Floss Boo-Blue (Raspberry) Silly Nilly (Pink Vanilla) O-Jay (Orange) Bubble Gum (Pink) Cherry Berry (Red Cherry) Sassy Apple (Green Apple) Pina Colada (Orange) Lemon Yellow (Yellow) Grape (Purple) Banana (Yellow)!!)
  • The Crepe trike (with a mixtures of AMAZING sweet and savoury toppings!)
  • The Popcorn trike (including salty, sweet, chocolate, caramel, marshmallow, sour cream and chives, BBQ, Cajun and Nacho cheese flavour!)
  • The Ice Cream trike (I’m too lazy to write down all the different ice cream flavours they do!! Go and look for yourself, but trust me….. 114 of their REGULAR selection (including crazy flavours like wasabi!), 23 sorbets, 22 cocktail sorbets, 7 ‘spicecreams’ and 8 dolce vita low fat ice creams. Awesome.)
  • The Espresso trike (with espresso, latte, americano, tea, hot chocolate)
  • The Snow Cone trike (again I’m feeling lazy….. but they do 77 different flavours!!!)

Ideas Box also make bespoke trikes for clients that want something specific, for example I know a few new ones on the scene are a fruit smoothie trike, AND a pick and mix trike!

I love the general look of these trikes. They have a really cute vintage air about them – and you get an operator on site as well to serve guests so you don’t have to worry about anything! Perfect!


Anyone who recently went to see Coldplay during their recent stadium tour will have seen these in action. They’re called Xylobands and they’re an awesome piece of new event technology. They’re wristbands that attendees get given on the door (very colourful, available in, green, blue, yellow, red, pink and white and can be branded or embossed with logos or messaging), and then once the gig starts they light up and flash, and can be controlled by an operator with a laptop and antenna. You can split them so some flash in different colours and at different times – they look AMAZING and really add atmosphere to a large scale event. Attendees can take them home afterwards (although they only work for 6 hours) which adds as a nice bit of memorabilia from a great night out! What a brilliant idea – have a look at this video of them in action.


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