Nissan FUTURE:TODAY Nordics Tour

15 Oct

Ok. Sorry sorry sorry. I haven’t written for a while. I promised in many earlier blogs that I’d write more frequently but I’ve got a fabulous excuse!

As regular readers know, before September I was working with iD Experiential on many amazing projects (Benefit Cosmetics, Britvic, Cadburys), but I decided that I wanted to do something on a larger scale. I got offered a contract at Proud Robinson – a fairly new agency that is owned by Ben Robinson, the Creative Director at Freud Communications, and run by an outstanding array of experienced Events folk such as Simon Sa Feio, Rob Povey and Alan Steel. Even after my first day, I realised this was an outstanding agency that was so forward thinking and passionate about what they do. Proud work on many different projects for Nissan which is what I was brought in to help on.

Nissan have been innovators of electric cars for years. The new Nissan Leaf is a beautiful looking car that is 100% electric, 0 emissions and has loads of other amazing benefits (such as the ability to drive in bus lanes, only costs £1.40 to charge it for 90 miles, and it only takes 30mins to charge at a quick charge unit). Norway loves the Leaf, and since it’s launch it’s sold 2000 units in Oslo – so Proud have been managing a tour of an educational exhibition celebrating innovative technology and the future, today.

The idea is that people think an electric car is a way off to being functional and easy to run/manage – but the truth is that it’s not! The future is here now! The exhibition celebrates the Leaf and other futuristic ideas from across the globe that are happening now. Examples including Masdar city, a city currently being built in Adu Dabi that is entirely self sufficient and will eventually house 10,000 people. Other ideas include TED’s City 2.0, which if anyone is as much of a fan of TED as I am will know all about. TED is a website that offer an arrray of inspirational speeches from innovative people all over the world. Each year they run the TED Prize, where these visionary thinkers present ideas to develop our current educational or environmental state. This year the prize was given to many different ideas all contributing to City 2.0, and we exhibit some of these ideas inside our structure.

Our structure itself is made of recycled shipping containers, about a thousand iPads and the latest interactive technology such as RFID points, a couple of 85 inch screens, a touch table and an electronic booking system where consumers can book in a test drive or a shuttle in a Nissan Leaf. The event also incorporates a light display outside the structure by Hellicar&Lewis, and a ‘tank’ art installation by Chris Levine – all very exciting!! Here’s a video you can watch about it and you can read about everything here!

As a special one off celebration for the 2000 owners of the Leafs in Oslo we held a concert (featuring LidoLido, Maya Vik and Lars Vaular), and developed an incredible light show using 50 Leafs that lit up like an organ – it looked AMAZING.

There are loads of other elements involved and I could talk about them all day, but anyone in Bergen, Norway this coming week, or in Stockholm from 8th till the 15th of November should come and see what all the fuss is about!

This event is something really special to be involved in. It’s a massive amalgamation of different ideas, all pointing towards one point – the future of technology is here today!

We’ve just finished our stint in Oslo and I’m off to Bergen today to start preparations for Bergen. Email me on if you’d like a guided tour in Bergen or Stockholm 🙂


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