Extreme Events

22 Jan

Am in the process of planning and developing concepts for an extreme sports event this year with Proud Robinson. It’s an area I’ve always wanted to work in (and teenage me would be having kittens if she knew that eventually this is what she’d get paid to do). It fascinates me, due to the incredible skill involved, the style and overall ethos. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt already from speaking with athletes from different disciplines, professional sports people are amazingly passionate about what they do.

I sometimes need to pinch myself when I’m researching extreme sports athletes on the internet, watching videos on vimeo or youtube of their skills – THIS IS WORK! But watching incredible videos like this one by the fabulous Spanish Kilian Martin, and this one by American William Spencer just bring things to a whole new level.

I love watching extreme sports videos and seeing a section where people muck up their tricks. It reminds you that these videos don’t just happen in a day and it takes months to create – the finished article is a fraction of the time they spent perfecting their tricks. Also I love watching them get angry when they don’t do their tricks perfectly. That might sound weird but I love that they’re so emotionally involved in what they’re doing and eager to get it right. I often get REALLY angry with myself if I’ve missed something or made a mistake, but every single error is something to learn from and shows your passion for what you do.

All very exciting stuff and is the first extreme sports event I’ve been involved in. 2013 is shaping up very well so far 🙂

Found these images below that I really liked in my hours of research. Stay tuned for more info on the project as and when I can divulge!



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