3D Projection Mapping

1 Feb

3D projection mapping is super cool.

It’s become a huge trend throughout the events industry in the past few years as it’s a sensory phenomenon. An audience becomes infatuated with what they’re seeing as it appears as though they’re seeing a 3D stationary object moving in front of their eyes. Although it’s quite complicated (and expensive) to produce you get incredible results – unique, innovative and exciting.

Projection mapping works by mapping three-dimensional points (i.e. A building or item) to a two-dimensional plane. Essentially, you can turn any surface into a screen for an incredible display, making projection mapping something dynamic and interesting for brand activity. By using a specialist software, developers warp the projected image to make it fit perfectly with the object it’s projected onto. The result is an incredible sensory experience, giving the feeling that the object in front of you is moving/breaking/crumbling/anything your imagination can conjure!

I remember the first piece of projection mapping someone showed me. It was the Nokia Lumia 4D projection onto the Millbank Tower in Central London with live music from Deadmau5. Penguins showed me this and it made me get goosebumps (I posted it on my blog as SOON as I saw it!). Ever since there have been so many amazing projections produced – some even interactive. I love the way technology develops and provides new creative outlets for events. This is a great example of innovative use of new ideas and progressive technology.

Here’s my top five projection mapping projects I’ve seen! Enjoy!

  1. Nokia Lumia 4D Projection on the Millbank Tower – still my favourite 🙂
  2. Red Bull Skiiers Paradise – projected onto snow! Fab idea!
  3. Audi Car Design Awards – great shaped car, brilliantly put together
  4. Projection onto the Christ Rio – so iconic, wish I’d seen this live
  5. 360 degree projection onto a sculpture! Awesome!

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