Adventures of a Proud Robinson Intern

17 Apr

Back in February, we at Proud Robinson recruited a new Events Intern via the University of Brighton. Rhian was our final choice and has since been working closely with me on a variety of events projects. To provide an insight into what it’s like to be an Intern, Rhian has put together her two cents on the life of an Events Intern. Enjoy!


Whenever someone says the word ‘intern’ you instantly get the image of Anne Hathaway in Devil wears Prada running all over New York looking for scarves and ordering coffee from Starbucks- life as an intern in Brighton might not be as frantic and scary, but it is definitely varied!

After Christianne’s post in January about transferable skills and also Proud Robinson hiring an intern, she thought it would be good for you readers to see the other side of the coin.

So I am the chosen intern to work here! (I say chosen, 2 interviews later and the second of which I had to prepare a presentation whilst I was very ill and also very nervous!)

This is the second internship I’ve done; the first was 5 years ago in Lisbon for a Destination Management Company, so a totally different ball game to what I do here at Proud.

I studied International Event Management at the University of Brighton but I don’t think any of my previous experience could have prepared me for what it is like to start at the bottom of the food chain- learning as much as possible from the people around me and soaking in every snippet of advice given to me!

It’s a brilliant place to work, not just what the company does but also I have found that its who you work with that can teach you a lot about any industry.

The people here are very supportive and encouraging; and have endless patience for my inane questions about how to do something; the specifics of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by.

My days and weeks are flying by! I’ve been here nearly 3 months already and I feel like I’ve learnt so much, but still have so far to go.

I can be doing so many different things each day, from researching an area in which there’s a meeting coming up to dialing into international conference calls. It is good experience to see how the elements of a project develop and also how people react to different situations and challenges that arise.

I can usually be found preparing costs for flights and accommodation that get changed at a moment’s notice, and making timing plans for conference calls or trying to find a charging point for an electric vehicle in Westminster!

I love the variety of what I’m doing; be it learning how to use Sage Line 50 and producing PO’s, or researching what competitors have been doing on the live experiential events side of things. I’m finding to expect the unexpected as each day can be totally different, and its learning that you just have to go with the flow which may seem daunting to those who are very much creatures of habit!

These various tasks are all important- from the menial tasks like going to post letters to sitting in on the calls, it helps to show you how your function within the company affects everyone else. By going and spending half an hour writing out address labels at the shop to ship the letters to Switzerland, you have given someone else half an hour to meet a deadline for the client.

It may not seem important when you’re doing it, but each person’s role is integral to a harmonious work life.

Overall, the life of an intern is something everyone should do at the start of their career- it’s an amazing experience and you can use it to the best of your ability, or waste it by not learning everything you can from those at the top, middle, and generally everyone who has been in the industry longer than you.

It’s a massive learning curve, each day you should aim to learn at least one new thing and utilize your mentor- that’s what I’m doing with Christianne, learning everything I can from her and the Directors, and developing the skills I already have, along with the bundles of new ones that I’m beginning to see I can gain!

I hope I have been of some help for those not sure about whether to apply for that internship they’ve had their eye on, or if an internship is right for them.

Rhian x


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