Nismo Lab at Le Mans 24 hours

26 Jun

24 hours of Le Mans is an incredible motor sports endurance race that takes place at Le Mans circuit in West France. Attended by around 250,000 people each year, the race takes place from 3pm on Saturday afternoon through till 3pm on Sunday with drivers taking turns to drive for the full 24 hours. Spectators arrive over the course of the week of the event, set up camp and party their way through. Attended by a mixture of Europeans, mostly French, English and Danish, the event is an annual European motor sports mecca.

This year Nissan had a lot of exciting activity at the event. ZEOD (Zero Emissions On Demand), the fastest EVER electric racing car was launched on Friday morning at the Nissan Live Lounge, as well as the Nissan FanZone hosting a variety of different activities including the FanZone stage, The Nismo Soundsystem, jukeride’s first live appearance (which I recently blogged about here) and of course The Nismo Lab.

The concept of the Nismo Lab is based around the GT Academy Driver Development Program devised by GTA Global. Winners of the International competition GT Academy are put through a fierce training program to develop their athletes from gamers into professional racing drivers. The Lab was an opportunity for the public to see what activities this program includes and to have a go themselves.

The Nismo Lab (Nismo being Nissan Motor sports) was staffed by Nismo athletes (aka GT Academy winners from all over the world), and begins with an introduction to Nismo, what it is and it’s history. Guests then try their hand at DDP activities including batak (to improve reaction time and peripheral vision), a brain wave game (that you control with your mind, to help train athletes to get their mind ‘in the zone’), and a full in body analysis (helping athletes get in top physical condition for driving) achieving a score for each activity completed. The highest scoring person from each group then gets to try the Simulator, a very expensive, rare and high tech bit of kit used by the athletes to practice driving on various race tracks.

The Lab was not only innovative and high tech, but was also massively relevant – providing guests the chance to talk to real professional drivers about their experience and training. A rare opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a driver.

It was a joy to work on another fabulous event with Nissan, and to Event Manage the Nismo Lab. Was a pleasure working with the GTA Global team, L3 Creative, of course the Nismo Athletes (Mark Shulzhitskiy – Russia, Wolfgang Reip – Belgium, Steve Doherty – USA, Salman Al Khater – Middle East, Ashley Oldfield – South Africa) and our host, pro driver Rob Barff.

The Lab will be moving on to various sports events throughout the year! I will keep you updated with its journey as and when it gets confirmed 🙂


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