The Nissan Pop Up Cafe

7 Oct

The Nissan Pop Up Café has been one of the biggest, boldest and most innovative events I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on.

The goal with the Nissan Pop Up Café was to provide a compelling and innovative way for the public to discover and explore Nissan products, namely the Nissan LEAF (100% electric car), and the New Nissan NOTE.

Already, we at Proud Robinson have taken the café to Oslo and Copenhagen and we’ve had over 26,000 visitors. The structure itself is a feat; an incredible Pop Up canopy that shelters many exciting activities.

The Café includes a variety of different tech including Sliced LEAF (literally, a Nissan LEAF that we’ve sliced in half to show all the internal workings). Sliced LEAF is hooked up to a virtual test drive program, so guests can play GT5 using the steering wheel and pedals. As well as this, we’ve incorporated Stop Motion videos, where we film using 12 Go Pros placed at different angles around the car, producing a video that eventually ‘reveals’ you’re in Sliced LEAF.

We’ve also got a solar forest (5 solar trees that allow you to charge your smart phone from solar power generated from solar panels), we have Kinetic Scalectrix (power generated by Kinetic energy using handcranks), recycled petrol pumps (the idea for this was by Nissan Australia – ‘if the whole world went electric, what would we do with all the petrol pumps?’), and an interactive light display demonstrating the New Nissan NOTE’s safety shield technology.

On top of this, we offer test drives in a Nissan LEAF. The whole idea is to educate guest on how advanced the technology is in a LEAF, and ‘myth bust’ as most people have preconceptions on what electric vehicles are capable of.

Next stops on the Pop Up Café tour are Berlin (16th – 23rd October), then Hamburg (2nd – 9th November).  A very exciting and forward thinking activity to be a part of!


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