I Love Events Welcomes 2014!

7 Jan

Wow. Ok I think that might have been the longest time I’ve left it in between blogs! Sorry everyone.

To be perfectly honest with you all, I needed a big long break. I took nearly 4 weeks off over Christmas and spent some much needed time with my friends and family. As you know from all my previous posts I spent quite a bit of 2013 working in Europe so it was great to have a prolonged period of time to rest, and find some inspiration!

So, what’s 2014 got in store for I Love Events blog?

This year, I want to continue supporting as many new people into our industry as possible. I will always be here to answer any questions and to provide any advice where I can. I found out over Christmas that some pieces on my blog have been quoted in reader dissertations, which was very nice to hear!

Also this year, I’m going to do a weekly post on my favourite things of the week. Whether it’s it a cool supplier, an awesome designer, an artist, a book, a video, a viral, anything. If it’s awesome and events related – or could be if you use your imagination! – I’ll write about it!

As usual, I will be sure to keep you all updated on the events I work on over the year. Already there are some exciting ideas in the pipeline – more exciting and different than ever before!

Oh and by the way I turned 30 years old too. It’s been a busy busy time of year!! For my birthday I organised a gig in Brighton, and had 4 of my friends band’s play. It was a fantastic way to see in my 30’s !

Anyway, thanks for reading and keep your eyes peeled for more events industry news/discussions/advice/coolness etc etc.

Happy New Year readers 🙂


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