I Love Events top things this week!

10 Jan

1. WORK.

Being back at work. I know, I know. That’s pretty sad. But I love my job. I love using my brain after having some time off and I feel rejuvenated and inspired after a nice long break. Bring on 2014 with Proud Robinson!


My good friend Theresa Macaulay brought me a book for my 30th Birthday called ‘Rejuvenile: Kickball, Cartoons, Cupcakes, and the Reinvention of the American Grownup’, a book about how it’s becoming increasingly more socially acceptable to be an adult that enjoys the activities and things that kids like. Myself and quite a few of my adult peers appear to be a ‘rejuvenile’ – owning superhero mugs, playing with Lego, wearing clothing associated with youth culture – like Converse & band t shirts (to company meetings no less!) – it’s a change in society that she obviously realised I’m a part of. The book is great, and after reading it I realised that a huge number of people in America, the UK and beyond are part of it too. Found it very interesting and a good insight societically that could be relevant for ‘rejunvenile’ related brands/experiential activity. You can buy it here on Amazon for under £10.


I saw the YouTube video floating around of Michael Bay at Samsung’s conference panic because his telepromter wasn’t working. The majority of people were mocking Michael Bay for this, but realistically it was the event teams responsibility to ensure their kit was working to get the most out of their host. Mr Bay is a movie director, NOT a public speaker. He cannot be expected to have pulled that out of the bag. My point is that I blame the event team, and I’m sure they’re in trouble for that. Don’t blame poor old Michael! His films are all fantastic! And he was pretty funny in the Kenny Powers K Swiss CEO video!


LOVE LOVE LOVE this experiential activity done on a beach in Brazil offering free showers in a bespoke shower system made to look like a soft drinks dispenser – the activity achieved 1500 ‘servings’ a day! Great idea, perfectly targeted.


That’s my two cents for the week! Have a great weekend everyone!


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