I Love Events top things this week!

31 Jan


Wow. This is a cool bit of kit.

This amazing projector is the next step in home/office/ event projection. You simply place the unit next to a wall, and the top of it opens up to reveal a hidden projector.

This fine piece of machinery projects a 147 inch image – that is 4 times (YES 4 times!!) the resolution of HD.

The unit itself is made of aluminium, making it look sleek, subtle and includes a built in speaker system and storage unit for all your laptops/consoles/DVD players etc.

If I had an extra £25,000 going spare I would certainly buy myself one of these babies!! You can find out more about it here



Very excited for Sochi! I’m planning a Winter Olympics Party; which so far involves drinking vodka and watching Cool Runnings.

However, I’ve seen some that some sponsors of the Winter Olypics are planning some exciting activity around the games. One in particular,  MegaFon.

MegaFon are building a digital ‘Mount Rushmore’ whereby guests to the Olympic Village have their face scanned in a 3D photobooth, then light cylinders transform the building’s skin into an eight-metre 3D portrait of each visitor for 20 seconds.

Very cool! You can watch a test video of the kit here



It’ll be my first year at BTC, but I’ve been meaning to go for many many years. I only have one tattoo but I’ve been debating my next one for a long time, so what better way to get some inspiration and to see the work of some of the finest tattooists in the country!

There will be parties, bands playing, seminars, competitions – all sorts of fun! Brighton Tattoo Convention will be held at the Brighton Hilton Hotel, on Saturday 15th February, and Sunday 16th February. See you there!


Have a great weekend everyone! x


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