Google Project Tango

27 Jun

Just heard the fantastic news that Google’s Project Tango will be available for purchase next year! If you haven’t heard of Project Tango and you work in the event industry, this device is set to revolutionise and completely change the level detail we obtain when conducting site visits.

Essentially, Project Tango is a hand held device created by the awesome Google Advanced Technology Lab. The device uses two cameras and infrared depth sensors to track its surroundings and to create a 3D navigable model of the environment it is in.  It’s used by pointing the camera at what you see, so the sensors in the phone can take 250,000 measurements of its surroundings every second. Google have announced their partner for Project Tango will be LG!

So, as an Event Manager with one of these handsets, I (or anyone at all) could go to a venue, 3D track every room I am planning to use for an event, and build an exact scale 3D image of every nook and cranny of the spaces I plan to use.

Ever been asked by your production team the exact measurements of a wall/stage/door you never thought to check on your site visit? No problem! This device will track every measurement for you. Too busy to go on a site visit, because you’re actually planning your project? No worries! Just send your Account Exec over with the device to track everything on your behalf!

There’s plenty of other uses for the device other than within the events industry of course. The video game industry are planning to use it for replicating specific locations and building entirely new games, NASA have even cottoned on to the technology and are using to assist with space exploration, Oculus Rift are trialling using it to create incredible virtual reality experiences or even builders or architects or interior designers could use it…. that’s just to name a few!

Here’s a little video to demonstrate it in its full glory!

Johnny Lee and the ATAP-Project Tango Team says “The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.”

I am so excited to see what this incredible handset can do. It would save our industry the money, time and even contribute to helping the environment (by less people having to fly/travel all over the world on site visits)! The future is here!


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