Keeping healthy while planning events

21 Jun

Experienced events industry folk will know the physical and mental toll that managing events can take on us. Long hours, stress and unhealthy convenience eating can all add up, get too much and cause major fatigue and even more serious ailments in the long term.

So, how can busy event professionals stay happy, healthy and energised during the planning stages, and whilst managing a live event on site?

Here’s a few of my top tips!


Eat well

Eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, protein (chicken, white fish, eggs, nuts) and slow release carbohydrates (sweet potato, oats, quinoa) can have a very positive effect on your energy levels in the office or out on site.

I know when you’ve been on site for a long day, you’re cold and tired and the last thing you want to eat is a salad! But in the long term you’ll be grateful for the extra energy from eating something healthy.

If I’m travelling I make sure I pack granola bars, porridge pots and nuts in my hold luggage. Wherever I am, I ALWAYS eat a big healthy breakfast. I go for a massive smoothie, porridge, eggs or fresh fruit and yoghurt (but beware of hotel buffet breakfast bars…. Fight the urge to go for the greasy and stodgy stuff!).

On site I make sure the crew and I have plenty of fresh fruit and healthy snacks available throughout the day and eat regularly.

Drink plenty of water

I aim to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. I usually keep a plastic bottle that I refill on my desk and on site. On site I always write my name on my bottle so I know which one is mine! It’s very hard to keep hydrated on site, but very important so keep it in mind.

Also, don’t get me wrong I LOVE my morning coffee, but drinking caffeine continuously over the day can have serious effects on your sleep patterns, your attention span and hydration levels. I tend to not drink coffee after midday, and with every cup I drink two cups of water.

Take time to rest

Sleep enough, switch your phone off, see your friends, watch a movie. There’s a number of ways you can do this but the overall aim is to let your brain and body switch off from a work project. It may seem impossible at the time, but your body needs time to recuperate.

Our industry isn’t renown for strictly abiding by rest time required by working regulations, but it’s so important for the longevity of working effectively. I’ve been there and done long working days and many days in a row without rest and I look back and don’t understand why I didn’t let myself rest properly.


I’d say this kind of counts as ‘rest’ as it’s a great way to clear your mind. I love doing circuit training or going for long runs. Different people get hooked on different forms of exercise, but I try and do at least 3 hours a week of cardio in the gym or running along the beach (I’m lucky enough to live in beautiful Brighton right by the sea so it’s a great motivator!). Other event professionals I know love swimming, cycling, trail running and exercise classes.

Regular exercise increases your endorphin levels, boosts cardiovascular health and improves your quality of sleep! All contribute to providing greater endurance and energy levels throughout the day! Super!

Managing stress levels

There’s a few different ways I tend to do this. My first approach is getting organised. I’ll write up a detailed status report to pick apart the project, prioritise all the tasks and to think of any way I can delegate amongst the project team.

Outside of work, I try to get regular massages, or yoga and meditation sessions. There’s a few great meditation apps like Headspace or Calm that really help especially if you’re travelling a lot.

Managing your workload is important and working long hours to combat the amount of work you have may be required, but if it happens too often then resource needs to be reviewed. Don’t take on more work than you have the capacity to fulfil.

I manage events because I LOVE managing events. If our work is making us so incredibly stressed that it becomes too much and unpleasant, then what’s the point?

By looking after yourself, and taking all the above into consideration you can maintain a happy healthy lifestyle while working in the events industry.


If you have any tips of your own please feel free to share them by leaving a comment! 🙂


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