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Manchester’s Victoria Baths

2 May

Last night, The Fabulous Time’s Christine Macaulay and I attended a special event thrown by Google at Victoria Baths, to launch their new Google City Experts feature via Google +

City Experts offers active Google + users the opportunity to review their favourite local places for art, music, fun and food in their city. Their contribution is then added to Google Maps, and visible for all to see. As an incentive to leave lots of reviews, users are invited to special events by Google and given special gifts and treats. You can sign up to Google City Expert here.

This stunning launch event included food and drinks from Barnhouse Bistro,  delicious ice creams by Ginger’s Comfort Emporium, free sweeties buffet by Swizzles Matlow, a super fun silent disco, exclusive set from Hacienda DJ Greg Wilson, and lots of great Google themed activities to take part including a photo wall with fancy dress items, a Manchester City quiz (not cheating by Google-ing the answers of course!), and a City Experts real time map in the pool!

The venue choice for this event was spot on. Victoria Baths were built in 1906, and at the time cost around £60,000 to build – the equivalent of £3.5 million today! The facility consists of a men’s pool (the main room), a sports room and a women’s pool (the smaller pool). In 1952 the first ever jacuzzi in the UK was added to their list of facilities. The baths closed in 1993 in dire need of restoration and remained closed until in 2003, the baths won funding via a BBC restoration programme and awarded £3.4 million by the Heritage Lottery Fund to bring the building back to it’s original glory. The blue changing booths around the edges of the main pool room are beautiful, and hang with authentic red and white striped material – the whole venue has a beautiful air to it.

Now, Victoria Baths is in spectacular condition and lots of it’s original features remain. The baths are available as a venue for weddings, special events (such as Google’s City Experts), club nights and much more – information on venue hire is available here. It is stunning inside, and out!

Thanks Google City Experts for a great night out! And fantastic choice of venue!

And a huge thank you to The Fabulous Times for letting me use some of her photography 🙂 visit her review of the Google City Experts event here!




Hello Manchester!

2 May

Regular readers will know I’m not one to stay in one place for a long time. My recent venture has been to Manchester, the largest city in the North West of England. I’ve been here for 3 months now and, so far, can say it’s one of my favourite places I’ve ever lived.

The quality of life here is much better than anywhere else I’ve ever lived. General living costs way less, the people are friendlier (by far!!) and there’s a more serene, laid back way to exist here. No rushing, no rat race, just nice people and cheap food and drink.

So you can tell I’m sold! And will be here for the foreseeable future. So to start off my new life in Manchester, I thought I’d tell you my favourite places, activities and what I’ve been doing since I got here….

1. THE NORTHERN QUARTER. It’s my new home. I absolutely LOVE the Northern Quarter. It’s full of vibrancy and friendly people, as well as amazing coffee shops, bars, vintage shops, record stores, the lot. My newest favourite haunts have been Home Sweet Home (for lunch, dinner and cake), Bonbon Boutique (for hot chocolate and general delicious treats), Terrace (for Aspall cider – my favourite), Sugar Junction (for brunching and afternoon tea), Soup Kitchen (for beers and man watching 🙂 ) and Band on the Wall (for beers and live music)

2. FLECKY BENNETT’S MANCHESTER GHOST WALK. Took part in this last week and it was so much fun! Flecky Bennett is a fantastic host and took us on a 90 min walk around Manchester teaching us all about it’s ghostly history. It was a great way to learn about key buildings in the city, and get some cool facts and also feed my weirdo interest for ghostly things – all for only £11.25.  Flecky also hosts Manchester’s underground tunnel tour where multiple ghost sightings have happened!! I’m going on that one next! You can learn more and book here.

3. MANCHESTER ART GALLERY. Not only free to get in, but filled with a vast selection of art works ranging from wild and beautiful contemporary pieces to Dutch 17th century paintings that tell incredible stories. The gallery is also hosting Joana Vasconcelos’ Time Exhibition installation at the moment, which costs an additional £7.50 – her large scale sculptures are incredible, and world renown. A lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon – and trust me – there are many many rainy afternoons in Manchester!!

4. DUNHAM MASSEY. Just a short drive outside of Manchester City Centre, Dunham Massey is a beautiful Georgian house with 3,000 acres of surrounding estate that is now owned by the National Trust. Built around 1730, the house was owned by various Earls until during the first World War, the current estate manager (Lady Penelope Stamford), transformed the house into Stamford Military Hospital, caring for over 300 injured soldiers. The house is currently set up to look how it would if while it was a hospital and tells the amazing stories of some of their patients and staff. The surrounding estate is beautiful for an afternoon walk, and full of super cute deer as well!

Am absolutely loving Manchester and really looking forward to settling down and staying here for a while. I’ll be starting at a new Events Agency in Liverpool next week, so will keep updating my blog with more information on my work, and cool events in the area 🙂 Stay tuned!

I Love Events top things this week!

31 Jan


Wow. This is a cool bit of kit.

This amazing projector is the next step in home/office/ event projection. You simply place the unit next to a wall, and the top of it opens up to reveal a hidden projector.

This fine piece of machinery projects a 147 inch image – that is 4 times (YES 4 times!!) the resolution of HD.

The unit itself is made of aluminium, making it look sleek, subtle and includes a built in speaker system and storage unit for all your laptops/consoles/DVD players etc.

If I had an extra £25,000 going spare I would certainly buy myself one of these babies!! You can find out more about it here



Very excited for Sochi! I’m planning a Winter Olympics Party; which so far involves drinking vodka and watching Cool Runnings.

However, I’ve seen some that some sponsors of the Winter Olypics are planning some exciting activity around the games. One in particular,  MegaFon.

MegaFon are building a digital ‘Mount Rushmore’ whereby guests to the Olympic Village have their face scanned in a 3D photobooth, then light cylinders transform the building’s skin into an eight-metre 3D portrait of each visitor for 20 seconds.

Very cool! You can watch a test video of the kit here



It’ll be my first year at BTC, but I’ve been meaning to go for many many years. I only have one tattoo but I’ve been debating my next one for a long time, so what better way to get some inspiration and to see the work of some of the finest tattooists in the country!

There will be parties, bands playing, seminars, competitions – all sorts of fun! Brighton Tattoo Convention will be held at the Brighton Hilton Hotel, on Saturday 15th February, and Sunday 16th February. See you there!


Have a great weekend everyone! x

Bettina Scarlett presents The Mid Century Market

28 Jan

Bettina Scarlett’s Mid Century Market is supposed to one of the best 1950’s inspired markets in London. And I am very excited to be going to their next market at the beautiful Hammersmith Club on Saturday 12th April between 10.30am – 4pm.

The market boasts an awesome selection of vintage items to buy, purely from the 50’s era. You can get your hands on unique vintage clothes, bric a brac, homeware, records and lots of other little bespoke treats. There’s also a vintage hair parlour, and a men’s barber (from Chaplin’s of London) AND a lovely little tea room too, to rest your weary feet after a hard day’s shopping, and DJ’s playing rockabilly and rhythm & blues all day!

All that for only £3 entry?? I’ll see you there!

Bettina Scarlett presents, The Mid Century Market @ The Hammersmith club, 11 Rutland Grove, London W6 9DH

Photography by  Nils Bratby and Khandie Khisses photography

I Love Events top things this week!

10 Jan

1. WORK.

Being back at work. I know, I know. That’s pretty sad. But I love my job. I love using my brain after having some time off and I feel rejuvenated and inspired after a nice long break. Bring on 2014 with Proud Robinson!


My good friend Theresa Macaulay brought me a book for my 30th Birthday called ‘Rejuvenile: Kickball, Cartoons, Cupcakes, and the Reinvention of the American Grownup’, a book about how it’s becoming increasingly more socially acceptable to be an adult that enjoys the activities and things that kids like. Myself and quite a few of my adult peers appear to be a ‘rejuvenile’ – owning superhero mugs, playing with Lego, wearing clothing associated with youth culture – like Converse & band t shirts (to company meetings no less!) – it’s a change in society that she obviously realised I’m a part of. The book is great, and after reading it I realised that a huge number of people in America, the UK and beyond are part of it too. Found it very interesting and a good insight societically that could be relevant for ‘rejunvenile’ related brands/experiential activity. You can buy it here on Amazon for under £10.


I saw the YouTube video floating around of Michael Bay at Samsung’s conference panic because his telepromter wasn’t working. The majority of people were mocking Michael Bay for this, but realistically it was the event teams responsibility to ensure their kit was working to get the most out of their host. Mr Bay is a movie director, NOT a public speaker. He cannot be expected to have pulled that out of the bag. My point is that I blame the event team, and I’m sure they’re in trouble for that. Don’t blame poor old Michael! His films are all fantastic! And he was pretty funny in the Kenny Powers K Swiss CEO video!


LOVE LOVE LOVE this experiential activity done on a beach in Brazil offering free showers in a bespoke shower system made to look like a soft drinks dispenser – the activity achieved 1500 ‘servings’ a day! Great idea, perfectly targeted.


That’s my two cents for the week! Have a great weekend everyone!

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