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8 Jul

Every now and then I’ll write a short post plugging top suppliers I’ve have had the pleasure of working with over the previous months. I really cannot tell you how useful it is to have a supplier recommended to me from other event planners, so I just keep on writing recommendations in the hope that I’m in some way helping my peers.

So, the last few months I’ve been doing quite a bit of on site work which means really seeing which suppliers pull out all the stops for you and which ones don’t.

The first supplier on my list has dealt with SO many phone calls from me with the most ridiculous requests at crazy times of the day or night and has always pulled it off no questions asked….

  1. Liquorice – Lyn Taylor has been my personal saviour on various projects. Essentially, Lyn comes from a lengthy background in procurement agency side (so totally understands the challenges we go through), and has incredible contacts all over the country and worldwide that provide event planners with anything that their project needs. Whether it’s last minute print you need sending half way across Europe, or it’s 200 bespoke acrylic badges made in 24 hours for a special client event, or making something completely new and bespoke – Lyn can help. Lyn knows all her contacts inside out, and negotiates great prices for her clients and can get excellent turn around times for those last minute requirements (or classic client changes to print just a few hours before going live!). Lyn has excellent production knowledge too – she knows how things are made and who makes them best; which helps; big time – Lyn works with you to deliver exactly what you want. Her company is called Liquorice because they do allsorts…. (geddit??!). All hail Lyn – the lifesaver. Email: Phone: 01206 736155
  1. Brentwood Radios – Brentwood supply event planners with robust, reliable and tested 2 way radios for live events. You can either hire or buy directly from them and they have a great selection of makes and models available, as well as high quality audio accessories, such as headsets and earpieces – and above all their prices are really good too.
  1. Crucial FX – Wowee these guys do some cool stuff. Crucial FX use the latest technology to create bespoke event experiences. They can provide special effects, 4D & 3D projection mapping, prototyping, and bespoke integration of social media into event technology and loads more. What I’ve found fantastic about CFX is that I went to them with a crazy idea and they provided a robust, clear, simply explained and above all, a cost effective solution for what we wanted to happen. Their work is beautifully executed, their team are all helpful and creative and they’re super helpful turning round proposals and costs in very short time scales. You can see some videos of their work here and here.

So thats my supplier round up for now! Enjoy 🙂

In other news, I Love Events featured in Leighman’s top 12 Information Event Management Blogs! Thanks Leighman’s! You can read the article here.


Manchester’s Victoria Baths

2 May

Last night, The Fabulous Time’s Christine Macaulay and I attended a special event thrown by Google at Victoria Baths, to launch their new Google City Experts feature via Google +

City Experts offers active Google + users the opportunity to review their favourite local places for art, music, fun and food in their city. Their contribution is then added to Google Maps, and visible for all to see. As an incentive to leave lots of reviews, users are invited to special events by Google and given special gifts and treats. You can sign up to Google City Expert here.

This stunning launch event included food and drinks from Barnhouse Bistro,  delicious ice creams by Ginger’s Comfort Emporium, free sweeties buffet by Swizzles Matlow, a super fun silent disco, exclusive set from Hacienda DJ Greg Wilson, and lots of great Google themed activities to take part including a photo wall with fancy dress items, a Manchester City quiz (not cheating by Google-ing the answers of course!), and a City Experts real time map in the pool!

The venue choice for this event was spot on. Victoria Baths were built in 1906, and at the time cost around £60,000 to build – the equivalent of £3.5 million today! The facility consists of a men’s pool (the main room), a sports room and a women’s pool (the smaller pool). In 1952 the first ever jacuzzi in the UK was added to their list of facilities. The baths closed in 1993 in dire need of restoration and remained closed until in 2003, the baths won funding via a BBC restoration programme and awarded £3.4 million by the Heritage Lottery Fund to bring the building back to it’s original glory. The blue changing booths around the edges of the main pool room are beautiful, and hang with authentic red and white striped material – the whole venue has a beautiful air to it.

Now, Victoria Baths is in spectacular condition and lots of it’s original features remain. The baths are available as a venue for weddings, special events (such as Google’s City Experts), club nights and much more – information on venue hire is available here. It is stunning inside, and out!

Thanks Google City Experts for a great night out! And fantastic choice of venue!

And a huge thank you to The Fabulous Times for letting me use some of her photography 🙂 visit her review of the Google City Experts event here!



Nismo Lab at Le Mans 24 hours

26 Jun

24 hours of Le Mans is an incredible motor sports endurance race that takes place at Le Mans circuit in West France. Attended by around 250,000 people each year, the race takes place from 3pm on Saturday afternoon through till 3pm on Sunday with drivers taking turns to drive for the full 24 hours. Spectators arrive over the course of the week of the event, set up camp and party their way through. Attended by a mixture of Europeans, mostly French, English and Danish, the event is an annual European motor sports mecca.

This year Nissan had a lot of exciting activity at the event. ZEOD (Zero Emissions On Demand), the fastest EVER electric racing car was launched on Friday morning at the Nissan Live Lounge, as well as the Nissan FanZone hosting a variety of different activities including the FanZone stage, The Nismo Soundsystem, jukeride’s first live appearance (which I recently blogged about here) and of course The Nismo Lab.

The concept of the Nismo Lab is based around the GT Academy Driver Development Program devised by GTA Global. Winners of the International competition GT Academy are put through a fierce training program to develop their athletes from gamers into professional racing drivers. The Lab was an opportunity for the public to see what activities this program includes and to have a go themselves.

The Nismo Lab (Nismo being Nissan Motor sports) was staffed by Nismo athletes (aka GT Academy winners from all over the world), and begins with an introduction to Nismo, what it is and it’s history. Guests then try their hand at DDP activities including batak (to improve reaction time and peripheral vision), a brain wave game (that you control with your mind, to help train athletes to get their mind ‘in the zone’), and a full in body analysis (helping athletes get in top physical condition for driving) achieving a score for each activity completed. The highest scoring person from each group then gets to try the Simulator, a very expensive, rare and high tech bit of kit used by the athletes to practice driving on various race tracks.

The Lab was not only innovative and high tech, but was also massively relevant – providing guests the chance to talk to real professional drivers about their experience and training. A rare opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a driver.

It was a joy to work on another fabulous event with Nissan, and to Event Manage the Nismo Lab. Was a pleasure working with the GTA Global team, L3 Creative, of course the Nismo Athletes (Mark Shulzhitskiy – Russia, Wolfgang Reip – Belgium, Steve Doherty – USA, Salman Al Khater – Middle East, Ashley Oldfield – South Africa) and our host, pro driver Rob Barff.

The Lab will be moving on to various sports events throughout the year! I will keep you updated with its journey as and when it gets confirmed 🙂


Nissan NISMO #jukeride

5 Jun

Those of you who read my blog regularly will see that I’ve worked on quite a lot of Nissan events with Proud Robinson. I love working with Nissan as they, as a brand, are innovative and not afraid to activate exciting, forward thinking and interesting events. You’ll see in the past I’ve worked on the Nissan LEAF Future:Today Nordics Tour, as well as the Nissan LEAF Marathon De Paris activity at Running Expo, but at the moment I’m ‘experiencing the world of NISMO’ working on some really exciting projects!

NISMO is Nissan’s sub brand for motorsports vehicles. On road cars like the 370Z NISMO and Juke NISMO, and off road cars like Nissan GTR, Z NISMO RC and Nissan LEAF NISMO RC (their electric sports car!) are their pride and joy.

A super cool long running project of Nissan has been the GT Academy, a project in partnership with Playstation’s Gran Turismo – a driving game. The idea was to encourage gamers all over the world to compete against each other to become real professional racing drivers. Each year there are qualifying competitions and events, and eventually final overall winners go through their Driver Development Programme to become professional racing drivers. The result is incredible. The winners of this have gone from playing their PS3 in their living room, to travelling round the world, competing in some of the most important racing events in the calendar. Racers like Lucas Ordoñez (ES), Wolfgang Reip (BE), Jann Mardenborough (UK) and Peter Pyzera (DE) are a few amongst the massively successful winning team.

The project as a whole has proven to not only provide a path for new talent to make their way into motor sports professionally, but has provided excellent viewing on youtube! I cannot tell you how many hours I’ve spent watching each series, my favourite of which was the one starring Wolfgang Reip Europe’s 2012 winner – here’s a link to their youtube channel.

So, over the past few months I’ve worked on some new projects for Nissan NISMO. The first of which is #jukeride, where Nissan and automotive engineering geniuses RML Mallock have been making interesting crowd sourced amendments to a Nissan Juke. The changes have included installing a Juke Sky Cam to the roof of the car (a drone with a camera) that can follow the car whilst driving on track to film angles rarely seen. Another is biometrics and telematics data being fed back to a bank of screens installed into the back of the car – for drivers to come back after racing to review their data and improve their performance.

Last weekend at Silverstone racecourse and at the RML Mallock workshop, we hosted a special weekend for some press, bloggers and media to meet the GT Academy winners, see the jukeride car and tell the world all about it. The result was an exciting weekend with the legendary Johnny Herbert hosting for some very ecstatic petrol heads!

We’re also working towards a flurry of activity at 24 hours of Le Mans in France 22nd – 23rd June. This will include the finished #jukeride, the NISMO Lab, AND the unveiling of a new Nissan project (think 2012’s Delta Wing 🙂 ) and some other surprises! Am really looking forward to not only being around all these incredible cars, but also working with some of the GT Academy winners!

In all, I’ve been getting into my motor sports a lot recently. And I LOVE it! More info after Le Mans!

Viva Pod Staffing!

6 Feb

Have been affiliated with Pod Staffing since it’s birth in 2011. Pod are an experiential staffing agency focusing on providing top notch staff for events. I initially helped Joe Sheppard set up Pod those years ago which was a fantastic experience and I learned a great deal about the nitty gritty required to set up a business from scratch, as well as running various high profile and logistically challenging jobs.

Pod have a fantastic work ethic and reputation; built from the passion and devotion to provide a good service to not only clients but to promotional staff as well. Having worked with Joe Sheppard for nearing on 8 years now, I’ve got a lot of love for him.

Although in the last few years I’ve been working on different freelance contracts on the more creative and producing side of events I’ll always have a place in my heart for Pod as I know how hard they work and how much they love what they do. I’ll still be associated with Pod, as their resident blogger; keeping their News page on their brand new website updated with interesting articles focused on experiential marketing.

Viva Pod! x

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