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Best Rockabilly event in world! Viva Las Vegas 2013!

11 Apr

As usual, I’m sorry for the lack of posts in the last few weeks. Firstly I had a holiday in LA and then Vegas, and then went straight on to Paris for an event at the Marathon… I’ve had too much jet lag, and not enough sleep so please accept my apologies!

However it does mean I have lots to tell you all about, and lots of events to cover.

First things first let’s start with the incredible Viva Las Vegas Festival….

Viva Las Vegas Festival was absolutely incredible. The music, the venue, the vibe, the stores, the cars…. Everything.

Viva Las Vegas is the biggest Rockabilly Festival in the world, attended by 5,000 over the course of the weekend. It is held each year at the New Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas. Not far from the main Vegas strip the event takes place in the various rooms this hotel has to offer.

If, like me, you imagined that a hotel wouldn’t be big enough to house the biggest Rockabilly event in the world, then you’ll be surprised. This hotel is MASSIVE. The events take place in rooms like Brendan’s Bar (a faux Irish pub), the car show area (a huge car park out the back of the venue), 2 massive ballrooms (where bands/DJ play during the afternoon/night), 2 massive halls (where various stalls of beautiful gorgeous vintage things are on sale, and many other smaller rooms that house loads of other fun things (like Burlesque Bingo, and a HUGE casino for example!) and of course a massive pool to house the pool parties. The whole event was very well put together and the line up was fantastic.

Top 5 experiences of Viva Las Vegas had to be..

  1. Little Richard playing at the car show. At 80 years old and wheelchair bound, this guy still knows how to rock.
  2. The car show. Cars. Everywhere. Beautiful, beautiful cars.
  3. Lil Mo and the Dynaflos in Brendan’s bar. They’ve collected such a huge following there was a queue to get in this venue (which I think was too small for their high numbers of adoring fans!), luckily we pre-empted this and got a spot close to the stage well before they played!
  4. The Cleftones. Amazing stage presences and again still rocking out!
  5. Ray Collins Hot Club. Think they might be my new favourite band. RCHC are headlining Screamin Festival this year

Overall a great event, highly recommended for anyone that loves Rockabilly music, 50’s culture and cars! Tickets cost $75 for a weekend ticket (buy sooner rather than later as they sell out incredibly quickly).

Accommodation wise there are options, including staying in the hotel itself for the full festival immersion, or we stayed in a rented house nearby which was a nice alternative. It enabled us to relax during the daytime in our own environment (with our own pool and Jacuzzi of course!) here’s where we stayed that we’d highly recommend.

Would like to say a massive thank you to The Fabulous Times’ Christine Macaulay for allowing me to use her awesome photography 🙂

In other news, I’ve had a revamp done on my blog (as you can see!) and Twitter pages. Have also added in some new case studies onto my website for some recent projects with Proud Robinson including Nissan LEAF at The Running Expo (which I will be writing more about on here shortly!) and for the Deutsche Telekom partnership with Depeche Mode’s 2013 European Tour. You can view these here!

Goodnight all, more news soon! x

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