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Brand Activation / Experiential Marketing expected trends for the future

29 Mar

The experiential events industry is flourishing. Marketing budgets are ever increasing and focusing more on live events and experiential, whilst available technology is not only progressing but becoming more affordable and effective. These together are enabling some superbly innovative and creative ideas to surface all over the world.

So what do I think is going to trend in the future? Three key things.

  • Sustainable events
  • Immersive experiences
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Sustainable events

It’s no secret that the events industry is not massively easy on our environment. Huge trucks carting tonnes of kit all over the world every day for a one day set up, large sets torn to shreds and discarded after short amounts of live time and anyone that works in the industry I can guarantee you is always drowning in printouts / paper….

However, the industry is waking up now and realizing the importance of delivering events with the planet in mind.

Recycled shipping containers are already a regular in the events world. But there are heaps of other ways event managers can consider the environment. Using electric cars / vans like the Nissan LEAF or the eNV200 for transporting crew and kit, printing using ink free printers, recycling every bit of paper and every empty bottle after an event, using recycled materials to print materials, solar powered kit and heaps more.

There are even sustainable events agencies appearing like The Blub London who are using industry standard ISO2012-1 as a benchmark for all their event planning.

Immersive experiences

The rise of projects like Secret Cinema and the current ‘Live Escape Game’ craze throughout the UK are perfect examples of this, as well as the rise in popularity of virtual reality headsets. Kit from a number of different tech companies (Oculus Rift, Samsung) is making it cheaper, easier and a better quality experience to create immersive experiences.

However, previously some brands have used technology for the sake of using technology. There hasn’t been enough thought put into what the end consumer would take from the experience. It has become apparent that the brand, the activity and the interaction needed to fit together seamlessly for right message to be carried away.

With this in mind, more brands this year will be thinking more creatively about how they implement these immersive experiences, whilst using the best kit available.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Probably the biggest and most exciting trend of the three, IoT has the potential to make experiential even more engaging, fun and personal to a consumer.

IoT is the network of physical objects embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity enabling these objects to collect and exchange data.

Imagine a city that is totally connected. Cars, roads, cameras, traffic lights, clothes, phones, bikes, fridges; everything. If a phone can talk to a fridge you can find out what you need to buy for dinner on your way home from work without physically looking in your fridge. If a street camera can talk to traffic lights or your car they can redirect you around another route from where there might be heavy traffic to make your journey quicker. If your phone can talk to your jacket while you’re riding your bike you can receive phone calls, emails and texts – still riding with both hands….

It’s remarkable how this technology can be used. There are already projects like The Things Network where technologists are testing out city wide networks in places like Manchester that are totally free to use. So not only amazingly forward thinking but incredibly cheap to run and create. 

Absolut are already ahead of the game, you can see some of the ideas they’ve been looking at with a number of agencies in this article in Marketing Magazine

I found this infographic very helpful in understanding the basics of IoT! The possibilities of how you can transpose this type of technology into an event space or activity is incredibly exciting and infinite!


Nissan LEAF, Marathon de Paris, Running Expo – Paris France

12 Apr

The Marathon de Paris is one of the 5 biggest marathons in the world (along with London, Berlin, New York and Chicago), with more than 40,000 participants for the event. On it’s 37th leg (pun definitely intended), the marathon this year was held on the 7th April on a beautiful day throughout Paris city.

All runners had to collect their running numbers and timing chips from the Running Expo at The Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles, and inside the exhibition hall was a flurry of experiential and exhibition activity on the 3 days running up to (another running pun… this is fun!) the marathon. Brands like Powerade, Oasics and Uncle Bens had a powerful presence within the exhibition along with plenty of other smaller brands showcasing their products and services.

Nissan was one of the main sponsors of the marathon overall, and held a fantastic experiential event to involve not only runners, but guests as well.

Our experiential stand was developed promoting the Nissan LEAF (their 100% electric car), and it’s overarching message ‘Zero Emissions’. A variety of activities were available such as 3 cross trainers placed in front of a large screen playing the route of the final 5k of the marathon. These cross trainers also generated electricity that powered the screen, the overall game involving consumers to compete for the most amount of electricity generated. We also had 2 display cars – a Nissan LEAF (in which you could have virtual test drive), and a Nissan NISMO with a LEAF engine (EVERYONE wanted a photo with this beauty). Other activities on the stand included a touch table displaying Nissan’s rich history in building electric cars (dating back to 1947!), solar trees allowing guests to charge their phones via solar energy, RFID points allowing guests to upload photos of themselves on the stand to their Facebook pages or to the Nissan Paris Marathon Facebook page, free giveaways such as running bottles, snapbands and branded hats, and product display touch screen points. We also used state of the art Augmented Reality on the LEAF, using iPads and AR points to show videos and product information – cool stuff! French Olympic athlete silver medal winning 3000m runner Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad visited the stand too!

The event itself was a massive success, and guests after experiencing the stand were able to take a test drive in a LEAF to get home. A test drive station was placed outside the entrance of the venue.

I love working on Nissan LEAF events with Proud Robinson. Electric cars are the future of driving, and currently have so many amazing benefits to drive. If you’re interested in learning more about electric cars, look here and you can see my top 10 facts about the Nissan LEAF below:

  1. Nissan LEAF doesn’t use ANY petrol. It’s 100% electric and 100% emission free #zeroemission
  2. LEAF has a driving range of 109 miles (depending on the environment – i.e. If it’s snowing or super cold this can reduce slightly)
  3. You can charge a LEAF for free at many charging points across the country!
  4. The charging network is increasing and developing every day. Here’s a link to a map of all the points in the UK
  5. From a quick charge unit it takes just 30 mins to fully charge. From a home charging point (i.e. A home socket) it takes 8 hours
  6. You pay NO congestion charge in London driving a LEAF!
  7. There’s an phone app called CARWINGS that goes with the LEAF. It automatically reminds you when to charge it if it’s running low and you can operate the air con from it. No more cold mornings in your car waiting for it to warm up!
  8. LEAF costs around £23k new (includes a government incentive discount), but the long running costs a minimal
  9. The Nissan LEAF is totally silent when you drive it! Even quieter than a milk float!
  10. On the LEAF car dashboard it has a built in navigation system, also showing the network of charging units closest to where you are


Viva Pod Staffing!

6 Feb

Have been affiliated with Pod Staffing since it’s birth in 2011. Pod are an experiential staffing agency focusing on providing top notch staff for events. I initially helped Joe Sheppard set up Pod those years ago which was a fantastic experience and I learned a great deal about the nitty gritty required to set up a business from scratch, as well as running various high profile and logistically challenging jobs.

Pod have a fantastic work ethic and reputation; built from the passion and devotion to provide a good service to not only clients but to promotional staff as well. Having worked with Joe Sheppard for nearing on 8 years now, I’ve got a lot of love for him.

Although in the last few years I’ve been working on different freelance contracts on the more creative and producing side of events I’ll always have a place in my heart for Pod as I know how hard they work and how much they love what they do. I’ll still be associated with Pod, as their resident blogger; keeping their News page on their brand new website updated with interesting articles focused on experiential marketing.

Viva Pod! x

Live Experience Expo and end of 2012 Experiential favourites

6 Dec

Am very excited to announce I’ll be holding a seminar at the 2013 Live Experience Expo! Live Experience is the sister event of International Confex, the UK’s leading events industry exhibition. I have attended Confex every year for the past 3 years as an event professional and have always found it an incredible resource for finding new suppliers, keeping up with technology progressions and to network with fellow Producers in the industry! Confex’s sister event Live Experience Expo is dedicated to live event production and technology, and attracts organisers of live events from festivals, corporate and sports to experiential, promotional and music – so lots of like minded people to talk to!

I’ll be speaking on 19th March from 4pm till 4:45pm so if you’re planning to attend then make sure you catch my seminar!

In other news, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for awesome Experiential activities over the last few months.

A fine example of this is the Gillette pop up barber shop in Carnaby Street for Movember. As always the fabulous Haygarth worked with Gillette to create this incredible idea, and Pod Staffing provided the promotional team. The Gillette Movember salon is just, hands down, a great idea. The salon offered free moustache trims to ‘MoBros’ that booked or dropped by, a great piece example of perfect demographically considered activity to run along side their ad campaign. The interior of the salon was kitted out like a 1940’s gentlemen’s parlour, with a traditional Barbers upstairs, a photo booth where you can photograph your moustache, with a bar and vintage games room downstairs. Great décor, great idea, great agencies, great cause!

I also really like the Jack Daniels barrel tree in Covent Garden. I’d already seen plenty of display advertising about the famous Tennessee barrel tree that goes up every year and secretly was jealous that I’d never get to see it. Lovely alternative to the usual Christmas décor that goes up in Covent Garden and great exposure for an already massively established brand. Roll on Christmas! (Pun definitely intended) x

ThirstSolution – experiential events supplier

4 Sep

One of iD Experiential’s biggest clients is Britvic drinks, which has meant that I’ve been working on a lot of events that involve sampling various different beverages. Have been working on jobs for Lipton Iced Tea, Mountain Dew Energy and Juicy Drench – and still have loads more coming up!

We’ve been using different event channels for trial of these drinks, but the best and one of the most effective has been sampling using jet packs. For anyone that doesn’t know what a jet pack is, it’s basically a backpack that decants drinks from a keg held in the back pack through a hose and trigger – all carried on the back of a Brand Ambassador meaning it’s mobile and very easy to use.

We’ve been using a supplier called ThirstSolution for these jet packs and they’ve been such a fantastic help with all of these campaigns.

ThirstSolution also have a great story behind them. Joseph Burke started the business when he was 24 years old after applying for a loan through the Princes Trust. Joseph had a long-term illness which meant he couldn’t work for a long period of time, so he got proactive after having an idea for the business. 6 years later ThirstSolution are thriving, not only selling jet packs but loads of other products like usherette trays, mobile trading units (his Cadburys units were all over the Olympic Park for the whole duration of the Olympics and Paralympics!) and lots more. ThirstSolution are international as well – providing heaps of products for stadiums and events all over the world!

After meeting Joseph recently, his attitude towards his business is inspiring. He’s got a great hard working ethos and has built his business to an incredible level. For such a young chap he’s got a brilliant ethic and is an asset to our work!

For anyone working in experiential looking for a mobile vending/trading/sampling solutions give ThirstSolution’s website a look or give Joseph a call! He’s a peach!

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